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GR9: $500,000 in Matching Pool, More than $150,000 in Hackathon Prizes.


Hello Badgers,

When BadgerDAO announced its partnership with Gitcoin back in October 2020, we were simultaneously recognizing a shared vision.

Grow open source. Grow the community.

Gitcoin Grants Round 9 started March 10th, and will last until the end of the month.

With a total matching pool of $500K, Gitcoin is striving to get over $1 million in total funding this round. BadgerDAO is proud to be the largest matching partner for the second round in a row, matching up to $300k in donations.

The Grants Round is active until March 25. It means that all the grantees you support will receive more funds for their projects! There has never been a better time to create your own grant if you’re building in Web3.

In addition to that, we’re happy to conduct GR9 Badger Builder Honey Pot where you can compete for a prize pool of $30k DAI, 600 Badger, 10 NFTs, and 1 Jersey!

Submissions are open until March 31, and the winners will be announced within two weeks after this date.

Also, you’re welcome to attend the Badger Builder Workshop, which will happen on Gitcoin’s Airmeet channel on 17th March at 3 PM EST.

About Gitcoin & Grants Round 9

Gitcoin is a place for developers to learn, earn, and network. With Gitcoin, you can earn money while building open-source decentralized applications, learning new technologies, and meeting like-minded developers.

Sponsoring growth in our community is of paramount importance to Badger, and in line with the ethos of our recently established Badger Annexe. By furthering the development of the DeFi ecosystem, and our network of partners, we further our objective of bringing Bitcoin to DeFi.

BadgerDAO is a proud member of Gitcoin’s Funders League alongside Ethereum Foundation, Yearn Finance, and Optimism. For GR9, Gitcoin also welcomes Polygon, The Graph, SushiSwap, Mask Network, and Uniswap.

Through the past 8 rounds, Gitcoin has helped distribute over $7 million to over 1,400 projects with the support of community members like you.

Gitcoin Grants give open-source projects the opportunity to seek and receive community funding in a more equitable way. A key component of this is Gitcoin’s Quadratic Funding mechanism. QF prioritizes the number of contributors over the amount funded, creating a more level playing field by taking power away from whales and other central power brokers. By creating more democracy in public good funding decisions, Gitcoin is approachable by projects of all sizes.

Badger Builder Honey Pot Hackathon

Badger is excited to sponsor this event with Gitcoin and discover members of our community who want to create in the DeFi space. Does discussing new ideas in decentralized finance excite you? How about building innovative products that accelerate Bitcoin as collateral across blockchains? If so, then we’re looking for you!

Participants should focus on creating projects that accelerate Bitcoin usage across blockchains and anything that could make DeFi more accessible, engaging and fun! Some possible areas of exploration include:

· Furthering BTC’s usage in DeFi as collateral on multiple chains

· New Sett mechanics

· DIGG price stabilizing mechanisms

· Gamification of bAssets, the Badger application or anything related

· Innovative NFT usage

The Top-20 participants will receive a share of the $30k DAI + 600 Badger prize pool, with top-10 getting an NFT, and the winner receiving a very special Jersey!

Badger Builder Hackathon is an incredible opportunity to show off your talents, win valuable prizes and start building with Badger.

We look forward to seeing the creativity and intellectualism of our community through this event. If you’ve got an exciting project to share with us, follow this link to enter the hackathon!

How Do I Learn More?

There are many ways to engage the Badger DAO community and educate yourself on the use of our protocol.

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*Badger tokens are a means by which users may utilize and govern the protocol. Badger DAO does not recommend purchasing Badger for speculative investment purposes. Badger tokens may lose value or have no value and may have no market. Note that if applicable law does not allow all or any part of the above limitation of liability to apply to you, the limitations will apply to you only to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.*



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