Gitcoin + Badger : Accelerating Bitcoin and Ethereum Public Goods

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Badger DAO and Gitcoin at their core share the same mission: grow open source and grow the community.

Built in its fiber, Badger DAO is a community not a company. Acting as an umbrella for the best builders to collaborate and build open source software with shared ownership and the focus of bringing Bitcoin to decentralized finance.

Badger and Gitcoin are proud to announce their partnership to bring BTC to Gitcoin and bridge the gap between the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems.

Rewarding Past Donors

At launch in early November, Badger DAO will be airdropping up to 13% of our total supply to 10+ groups based on retroactive actions. Gitcoin donors are one of the most important groups of this cohort. The airdrop is called, The Honey Badger Hunt, and more details will follow soon.

Funding Public Goods

I’m excited to be working with Badger to fund software developers working on public goods in the Ethereum ecosystem, and pumped for the community interoperability this partnership will bring us. We are stronger together! “ ~ Founder Gitcoin, Kevin Owocki

These joint initiatives include:

  • Acting as the lead on upcoming grant rounds 8 & 9 and providing ongoing contributions to future rounds.
  • Partnering to launch a hackathon in Q1 2021 dedicated to building products and infrastructure to accelerate Bitcoin in DeFi.

Bringing Bitcoin to Gitcoin

“ It’s not about Ethereum vs Bitcoin, it’s about collaborating to accelerate open source development. We’re excited to partner with Gitcoin to support public goods both for the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks” says founder of Badger DAO, Chris Spadafora.

Our collaboration doesn’t stop here, this is a long term commitment from the Badger DAO to support all Gitcoin initiatives.

We’re all one community and together we can have a massive impact on growing open source.

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DAO dedicated to building products to bring BTC to DeFi.

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