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Hey Badgers,

One of the quintessential tasks of a working DAO is the effective management of a grants program. Without a working grants program, there is no effective way to incentivize contributions to a DeFi platform that are essential for growth and development.

When initial discussion began around the implementation of the Badger Grants Program, Badger’s rapid growth was evident from its then ~$700 million total value locked. Now sitting around $2.2 billion, Badger has tripled its TVL in the mere weeks since discussion began. In the face of rapid growth, Badger team has made tremendous strides in the establishment of a functioning and effective grants program.

With the passing of BIP 28, the next major step is electing Community Council Members to lead the Badger Grants Program into the future. This is an important opportunity for Badgers to play a vital role in the future of the DAO.

  • February 15–18th, nominations will take place in the Badger Discord and occur over three (3) days.
  • February 18–20th, Discord voting will take place for two (2) days to determine the top 10 community candidates
  • February 20–22nd, there will be two (2) days of snapshot voting for the top 10 candidates selected from the Discord vote.
  • Under this schedule, the process will conclude on February 22nd.

The Council will be composed of three (3) team members selected internally and four (4) community members, who will be selected by community voting. The preliminary nomination phase will take place in the Badger Discord under the channel #community-nominations. Of the 4 community council members, 2 must have technical expertise for basic feasibility analysis or ecosystem grants (new products and joint ventures).

All users registered in Badger Discord prior to February 10th will be eligible to participate in emoji voting. By participating, you help determine important leadership roles for Badger’s future through Badger Grants!

Much team member input was gathered regarding the appropriate implementation of BIP 28, which outlined the initial parameters for the grants program. The objective was effectively incentivizing valuable improvements to BadgerDAO through community contribution. Attention also had to be paid to viability, longevity, and technical specification.

In the delegation of grants council members, the community will play an important role. It was decided early on that the DAO would set a precedent by nominations through a fair voting process. Council members should be elected based on merit due to their importance in Badger’s continued growth and success.

Determining grants eligibility is not a one-size-fits-all situation, hence the need for competent grants council members. The grants council will be focused on ecosystem and referral grants. Other governance matters will continue to be handled through BIPs (Badger Improvement Proposals) just as they have in the past.

There are many ways to engage the Badger DAO community and educate yourself on the use of our protocol. Connect with us in the forum, on Discord and Twitter.

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*Badger tokens are a means by which users may utilize and govern the protocol. Badger DAO does not recommend purchasing Badger for speculative investment purposes. Badger tokens may lose value or have no value and may have no market. Note that if applicable law does not allow all or any part of the above limitation of liability to apply to you, the limitations will apply to you only to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.*

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