Ren Joins the Badger DAO to Advance Bitcoin in DeFi

Gearing up for its launch in early November, the Badger DAO has been expanding its community of Badger builders. Badger builders are DAO members that have a mutual interest in creating new innovations that bring advanced and automated strategies you see in DeFi closer to Bitcoin. The Badger DAO has a high regard for the #1 digital reserve asset in the world and aligns with any project that aims to develop upon the decentralized and permissionless nature of Bitcoin.

Enter Ren

Ren, founded by CEO Taiyang Zhang and CTO Loong Wang, is out to enhance cross-chain liquidity through RenVM. At the forefront of Ren’s product suite is renBTC, a tokenized form of Bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain managed by a decentralized network of darknodes. This project is dedicated to bringing interoperability among blockchains.

“The more BTC based dApps on Ethereum, the more utility that brings to the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ren ecosystems, so being a part of the BadgerDAO is an easy choice. We are excited to see what the community creates over the coming months, and look forward to contributing.”
Michael Burgess- COO


The Ren Project has agreed to become the newest Badger builder in the DAO. This will involve the exploration of different products and infrastructure Ren can participate in building alongside the other community builders. The Badger DAO continues to grow its community of Bitcoin-aligned individuals, foundations, developer organizations, and businesses with efforts to create unique financial products in DeFi.

Chris Spadafora, one of the founders of Badger DAO, reflects Burgess’s enthusiasm. “The community of Badger builders are up to big things that go beyond single-blockchain solutions,” said Spadafora. “Any individual or organization that is out to innovate, build, and improve on the ecosystem that they immerse themselves in is more than welcome to become a part of the Badger DAO. Ren has been spearheading bringing Bitcoin to other blockchains and they’re going to be a great contributor to the community.”

Stay in the Loop

Be on the lookout for further announcements regarding Badger DAO’s launch and future collaborations:

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