MEME joins the Badger DAO and NFT Honey Pot Collaboration

Badgers are nocturnal- which explains why the Badger DAO has been working day and night to grow its numbers of participants and fellow builders. We’re excited to welcome MEME to the Badger DAO and our special NFT collaboration called the Honey Badger Pot.

Enter MEME

Meme is an experimental protocol merging DeFi’s best creations with crypto collectibles. Beginning as a Twitter joke from Jordan Lyall, MEME became an unstoppable cultural force in DeFi and the crypto community. By utilizing $MEME, you can farm exclusive NFTs and use your LP tokens for access to MEME’s batch of legendary cards. You can hoard as many cards as you like as collector’s items or sell them to others on Open Sea.

Honey Badger Pot

The Honey Badger Pot is a challenge to the community which entails a scavenger hunt, some detective work, and good old yield farming. Come November, Meme and Badger will be launching a limited edition collection of NFTs. Each one will have a clue that will help the community locate the Honey Badger Pot, a DeFi treasure chest holding a ton of $BADGER rewards in it. All NFTs will need to be collected to claim the pot rewards. More details to follow.

“The $MEME team is proud to support the Honey Badger Pot, an art installation, social experiment, and tokenized game all rolled into one,” says Jordan Lyall, Chief Meme Officer of $MEME. “The two communities have a shared vision of experimentation on DeFi infrastructure… oh, who am I kidding? We’re in it for the memes!”

“MEME is a pure example of combining DeFi with a gamified community,” says Chris Spadafora, operations lead at Badger DAO. “Together we can create all sorts of ways to make DeFi a gaming experience with the financial instruments that the Badgers want to create.”

The Badger DAO will be serving NFTs, Setts, new tokens, and a side of pineapple this fall. Keep watch for more details.


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