Introducing “Badgers Never Hide” — A Weekly Clubhouse AMA Event

Join the Clubhouse Event

The Badger Builders are excited to announce to the community a brand new Clubhouse event series called Badgers Never Hide! This series will be hosted on our new Badger Clubhouse channel, and will feature our very own Spadaboom and DeFi Frog as the hosts. The events will occur on a weekly basis, every Friday at 1PM EST — starting tomorrow — and will last about an hour. Our vision for these events is to be an open discussion for the Badger community, providing real time updates, discussing important topics, and answering live questions.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-chat social network that has recently become quite popular in crypto communities. It’s similar to listening to a podcast — but with easier audience engagement. The app is available for download on iOS.

Click here for the link to join the Badger Clubhouse, and follow on our social media channels for more updates!

We’ll see you live, Friday at 1PM EST!

-Party on, Badgers

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