How To Claim Your $BADGER Airdrop

The long wait is over!

What is the Badger Airdrop?

  1. Support public goods
  2. BTC as collateral for financial services
  3. Decentralized governance

How It Works

Let the hunt commence.

Who Qualifies?

  • Participated in SUSHI Governance
  • Supplied/Borrowed wBTC on Compound
  • MetaCartel DAO Members
  • Deposited/Borrowed wBTC on Aave
  • Participated in Yearn.Finance Governance
  • Participated in Yam Governance
  • Minted wBTC
  • Minted renBTC
  • Minted sBTC
  • The LAO Members
  • Deposited in sBTC and renBTC pools on
  • Participated in 1Hive Governance
  • Provided liquidity for wBTC/ETH pool on Balancer
  • Supplied/Borrowed wBTC on Maker
  • Donated to Gitcoin
  • Provided liquidity for wBTC/ETH pool on Uniswap
  • Member of dORG DAO
  • Minted tBTC
  • Participated in Harvest.Finance Governance

How to Claim

What Else Can I Do with My $BADGER?

  1. GOVERNANCE The main purpose of $BADGER is to be used to govern our entire ecosystem including Sett vaults + other products, treasury and operations. This puts token holders in control of the DAO with vested interest to make it sustainable and successful.
  2. STAKE Users can stake their $BADGER in the Badger Sett vault to earn additional $BADGER during the 8 week liquidity event and vault fees that come from Setts.
  3. Liquidity- Users can add liquidity to the $BADGER<>wBTC Uniswap pool and stake those in our Sett vault to earn yield and $BADGER.
  4. Mint MEME NFTs Next week users will be able to stake their $BADGER on to mint exclusive Badger + MEME NFTs and participate in the Honey Badger Pot. Where the first person to collect all 5 NFTs will be able to claim a pot of $BADGER rewards.
  5. HODL Starting soon early Badger holders will have an opportunity to earn from the community $BADGER rewards pool. The ability to claim will be dependant on the amount of on-echain actions they take within our ecosystem.

Get Involved

Join Our Discord Community of 1400 Strong!

  • Earn up to 50% of the performance fee (20%) revenue generated from the strategies you create.
  • Earn from the developer mining pool (15% of the supply = 3.15M $BADGER) based on how much revenue your strategy(s) bring to the DAO vs total revenue.

To Learn More About Badger

How Do I Learn More?

Visit Our Website

Check Out Our Github

Join the Discord

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*Badger tokens are a means by which users may utilize and govern the protocol. Badger DAO does not recommend purchasing Badger for speculative investment purposes. Badger tokens may lose value or have no value and may have no market. Note that if applicable law does not allow all or any part of the above limitation of liability to apply to you, the limitations will apply to you only to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.*



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