Harvest Finance Joins the League of Badger Builders

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The Badger DAO continues to propagate its collective of web3 builders as it nears the launch of the Badger token. The Badger DAO means it when it says that all organizations and individuals of all skillsets and backgrounds are welcome to become Badger builders and take part in what will be the most forward-thinking enhancement to the Ethereum and Bitcoin ecosystems. Part of this is aligning with some of the top innovative yield farming applications out there. That’s why we are excited for Harvest Finance to join the Badger DAO.

Enter Harvest Finance

Harvest finance is one of the preeminent DeFi protocols with over $1B in TVL. It is an amazing tool that helps farmers of all shapes and sizes get automatic exposure to the highest yield available across select decentralized finance protocols. It does so by deploying strategies to move assets between different yield farming opportunities to maximize yield. Participation in Harvest fosters your APY tracking, development of automated strategies and auditing, and results in gas-efficient yield farming.


Harvest and Badger will be working together to build collaborative yield-optimizing products for both communities. The Badger DAO will soon be launching their interpretation of vault-strategies, called Setts. It’s through this product that Harvest + Badger will see their first collaboration. Focused on creating long term yield strategies for farmers without negatively impacting the other protocols. More details to follow soon.

Stay in the Loop

Be on the lookout for further announcements regarding Badger DAO’s launch and future collaborations:

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