Enoki Joins Forces with Badger DAO


Daily announcements are becoming a regular thing at Badger DAO. You don’t need to hear it again from us, but Bitcoin is surging in adoption these past couple of weeks. This brings an ever-burning necessity for DeFi to band together and usher the leading digital store of value to its burgeoning suite of innovations.

🍄 Enter Enoki 🍄

Enoki, by definition, are thin mushrooms which decompose logs in the forest. They grow, perpetuate, and thrive in various environmental conditions. Enoki DeFi club has built some of the most unique smart contract based mechanics we’ve seen in any project. Leveraging yield farming, NFT’s and liquidity incentives all in one engaging game. Enoki will inoculate DeFi with a new wave of extended-play players, investors and developers. With Badgers upcoming NFT collection and Honey Badger Pot, there are clear opportunities to collaborate.

🤝 Collaboration 🤝

Enoki and Badger will be collaborating on NFT initiatives and integrating them with yield-reward systems in the near future. This includes using tokenized Bitcoin as part Enoki’s missions and their unique NFT’s as a part of the Honey Badger Pot. We may see tokens from both systems at work.

“Bitcoin is the widely adopted, posterchild cryptocurrency that has earned the trust of and investment of centralized financial institutions around the globe. We like Badger because they don’t give a sh* about convention, simultaneously Bitcoin and Ethereum maximalists who combine valuable infrastructure with leading-edge fair-launch ideals” says Enoki project lead Chef Nobu.

“We don’t want to give away too much yet,” says Chris Spadafora of Badger DAO. “We are deep in the exploratory phase and are developing new gamified ways to earn yield. New virtual experiences will come from what we will build with Enoki, bringing in our ‘Bitcoinistic’ flavor to it.”

Stay tuned for further announcements regarding Badger DAO & Enoki:

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This article is for informational purposes only. Please seek independent legal and financial advice in your jurisdiction before making any investment decisions.




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DAO dedicated to building products to bring BTC to DeFi.

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