Badger to Launch NFT Spaceships with the Cometh DeFi Gaming Platform

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3 min readMar 23, 2021
Badger partners with Cometh, a DeFi gaming platform

Hello Badgers,

A common Badger catchphrase is “Never stop building.” And it rings true now more than ever. In partnership with DeFi powered gaming platform Cometh, we are launching a new collection consisting of four unique Badger-themed NFT spaceships. One of them is slated to go up for auction this Thursday, March 25th with the others to follow on Friday, March 26th.

About Cometh:

Cometh is a DeFi-powered spaceship game that requires users to leverage yield generating NFTs or “spaceships” to mine tokens that can then be used throughout the DeFi ecosystem.

With Cometh spaceships, you can explore the galaxy and earn tokens. Cometh just turned yield farming into astro-mining! All you need is an astrominer to do it.

Your astrominer is your spaceship, and as it orbits the scorching sun, your goal is to position yourself strategically close to *smart* *asteroids* passing by so you can farm them. Other spaceships may even reward you by paying you a fee to join your advantageous interstellar position.

As you progress through the game and collect different NFTs, you’ll be able to unlock and equip your astrominer with more efficient drilling tools, faster engines, and even upgrade your crew. Seeking alpha just got a lot more fun — and a lot more competitive. Elon Musk would digg it.

How it will work

The Badger collection will go on sale for ETH on Opensea, with some of the NFTs to be minted by MUST stakers. 100% of the sales proceeds will be redistributed to the players and NFT purchasers. For every 1 ETH spent on an NFT, 30% will be converted to MUST and sent as cashback to the owner when they enter the game and 70% will be converted into DIGG and Badger. The project tokens that are sold will be sent to Polygon (MATIC) layer 2, where BadgerDAO will add the tokens as a new pool of our DEX Comethswap.

Now suppose you bought 10 ETH worth of DIGG. BadgerDAO will open a liquidity pool for 10ETH liquidity for the MUST/DIGG pair. The created LP tokens of the pairs will then be distributed in game. These tokens will be locked on asteroids, where players may compete to mine them by positioning their spaceships at the right spot in space at the right time. A portion of the Comethswap fees are distributed in-game following the same asteroid mining principle.

In short — grab Cometh NFTs, and compete to stack more DIGG and BADGER.

And check out our AMA on the Badger 8x8 platform this Thursday March 25th at 3:00PM by clicking this link:

See you there!

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