Announcing the $CLAWS Token Design Contest

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2 min readApr 5, 2021

Many in the community have been asking, #WenCLAWS. Well the answer is soon and we need your help! In partnership with our good friends at UMA protocol, the Badger team is launching a token design contest to help determine what our new “collateralized asset” will look like.

What’s at stake?:

1st Prize: $500 in $BADGER tokens and 50 UMA uTVL KPI Options

3 Runners Up: $150 in $BADGER tokens and 15 UMA uTVL KPI Options

Contest Rules:

To participate, simply tweet your submission using the hashtag #WenCLAWS, tagging @BadgerDao and @UMAprotocol and we’ll take it from there. There will also be #claws-token-design channels available in both the Badger and UMA discord servers for users to show off their creations. We ask that all submissions are 256x256 pixels in size which means small details may not be as visible.

Much like the #WenDIGG meme contest, the ground rules dictate that your Twitter account must have been created more than 10 days ago. You will also need to have at least 10 followers and 10 tweets in the past year to qualify.

The more badgers the merrier — multiple submissions are allowed but only one prize will be awarded per contestant.


The competition will run for ten (10) days, commencing on Monday April 5th (Today), and will end on Wednesday April 14th at 11:59PM UTC. At that point, all logos will be collected by the BADGER team and the top 10 will be selected. Following the format of our $DIGG token design contest, logos will then be shared in the Badger forum for ratification and then to Snapshot for community vote.

Good Luck!

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