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Badger DAO 🦡

All Badger strategies to this point have either had a BTC or Native (BADGER/DIGG) component. In order to optimize returns on the new CRV LP Vaults and future partner vaults, we’ve launched our new helper vaults. They are aimed at optimizing partner rewards earned by our depositors to bring better yields to the underlying BTC strategies. Our first 2 helper vaults are CVX and cvxCRV.

Well, as standalone vaults, users can deposit CVX or cvxCRV and as a result, Badger will manage the staking and auto-compounding of rewards earned with those assets. See the diagram below for a visual explanation.

The cross-chain journey continues…

The time has finally come for users to bridge their highly composable interest bearing bitcoin (ibBTC) to Polygon to put it to work. As of today, users who bridge their assets will be able to earn both $MATIC and $SUSHI rewards in the newly launched WBTC/ibBTC LP on Sushi. This same LP on Ethereum is currently the 9th largest pool on Sushiswap.

Following the reduction of fees to mint, redeem and withdraw ibBTC within the Badger app, it has never been easier or more cost effective for users to leverage their position cross-chain.

How to Bridge ibBTC to Polygon and LP on Sushi

In collaboration with our partners at DeFiDollar


Much of current Ethereum L1 yield farming is based on the long term CRV emission plan by The original BTC-only Badger Setts are strategies that collect and sell CRV for more of the underlying which is different from how we treat other tokens earned via strategies (ex.taking Sushi earned and staking it for xSUSHI before distributing to users). In the 6+ months since launch Badger has been finding its place in the market as a partner-first aggregator of products and services supporting BTC in DeFi and we think now is the time to take the effort to make a…

BadgerDAO is excited to partner with Polygon to accelerate the adoption and utility of Bitcoin on their network. With our mission to bring BTC to DeFi, we want to make it as easy as possible for users to put their Bitcoin to work where there is plenty of utility. Polygon has seen explosive growth in the last few months with over $7.4B in total value of assets locked and $1.3B worth of BTC already being utilized in protocols like Aave and Sushiswap. This clearly shows a demand for BTC and together with Polygon we can help grow that footprint substantially.

Adding more utility to ibBTC

Since launch, users who minted ibBTC have been able provide liquidity on the new Sushiswap ibBTC/WBTC pool in order to receive an LP token that could then be staked in a dedicated Badger vault for boosted APY and little impermanent loss.

Until now…

BadgerDAO is excited to announce that Ruler Protocol is now accepting ibBTC and bBadger as collateral for borrowing and lending stablecoins along with farming to earn Ruler and Badger tokens. You will never be liquidated and your interest rate is fixed at the time of your transaction. In order to collect your collateral back you just need…

Until now, the Badger app hasn’t had mechanics in place to reward those who were long term supporters of the protocol. Instead the largest liquidity providers would earn the most Badger or Digg rewards and in many cases they would sell to realize gains immediately. After receiving great community feedback over the last few months, the team has developed a model that aligns the interests of users with the protocol, while enabling more than just staking Badger or Digg to have an impact on how they are rewarded. We call this innovation, Badger Boost.

What is Badger Boost?

Badger Boost is a users reward…

Why hold Bitcoin when you can hold Interest Bearing Bitcoin?

We did it, Badgers

Today is the long awaited launch of interest bearing bitcoin (ibBTC) in partnership with DefiDollar. An asset that will become the easiest onramp for any user holding bitcoin to put it to work through DeFi.

For Badgers it opens up a whole new world of opportunities. No longer will your deposits in the Badger Bitcoin vaults be illiquid, as users can now use their vault positions to mint ibBTC and leverage that asset across DeFi. Think lending, borrowing, farming, providing liquidity and bringing it cross-chain.

The first utility will be…

Badgers never stop $DIGG’ing into new levels of Bitcoin-native DeFi. We are excited to announce that we have integrated Chainlink on mainnet to secure our elastic supply token DIGG. Utilizing Chainlink’s industry-leading decentralized oracle solution, we can provide holders with strong guarantees that each DIGG token will accurately track the price of Bitcoin, even during extreme market volatility and in the midst of data manipulation attacks.

To make this integration a reality, a custom Chainlink Price Feed has been launched for the DIGG/BTC trading pair on the Ethereum Mainnet. It supplies the DIGG protocol with an accurate, up-to-date, and tamper-proof…

The Next Milestone in DeFi

BadgerDAO continues to pave the way for Bitcoiners to stack sats across chains. Until now, users had to go through multiple applications in order to generate the assets required to take advantage of the Badger Setts. The Badger Bridge is the first of its kind to enable users to earn yield on their tokenized Bitcoin immediately, all while transacting within the same app. What used to be an arduous process to obtain yield on your Bitcoin is now just a few short clicks. …

Badger has one mission; bring BTC to DeFi

Today the total value locked in DeFi has reached $52B, but many would argue that institutional capital hasn’t arrived yet. Interacting with DeFi brings a variety of regulatory and operational challenges that make it difficult for institutions to participate. On the other hand we’ve seen a massive influx of interest in Bitcoin this year from banks, corporations, funds and a variety of other financial institutions. With the right on-ramps, institutional investors could put that Bitcoin to work and usher in the next big wave of capital into DeFi.

We’re excited to announce a strategic partnership between Fireblocks and BadgerDAO to…

Badger DAO 🦡

DAO dedicated to building products to bring BTC to DeFi.

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