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Our goal with Badger DAO is to create the most developer friendly environment possible where they can build the products they want, have the appropriate incentives to do so and maintain shared ownership. All while focused on accelerating Bitcoin in DeFi.

Important to note, we are long term believers and supporters of and consider them to be the benchmark in the industry of creating a real product of value and fostering an amazing community. This is what we are aspiring to be and building our practices from.

Unfortunately today, although developers are the life blood of our industry, investors tend to reap the most rewards. We need to change that. With Badger being a collective of contributors there are unique opportunities within our structure to more heavily reward builders that CREATE VALUE for the DAO. Part of those rewards are the DAO’s governance token, $BADGER, giving ownership to those same builders and creating a cohesive circle. …

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RFFs, Airdrops & New Developments 🦡

The Badger DAO has been developing its community and gearing up for its liquidity mining and airdrop program. You can see its recent Request For Feedback here. We are seeking all feedback from observers and Badgers alike, as we want to incorporate the best yield farming and revenue-sharing ideas from the best minds in DeFi.

Enter Kyber Swap

The Badger DAO is proud to announce the induction of Kyber Swap as our newest Badger builder in our cross-chain collective. Kyber Swap is a DEX platform that offers secure, noncustodial swaps of Ethereum-based tokens. It also offers non custodial limit orders and reserve based trade execution. …

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Advancing DeFi for Bitcoin 🦡

The honey badger can run at a speed of up to 30 kilometers per hour. We work diligently and quickly, which is why we consistently announce new partnerships and entrants to the Badger DAO. Our work ethic is strong and our bonds are solid. With that said, we align with every project attempting to bring DeFi services to Bitcoin. The latest we will be speaking of is Keep Project.

🏰 Enter Keep 🏰

Keep is a project building infrastructure for autonomous private data on public blockchains, DApps, and DAOs. Their first project is tBTC, a decentralized way of tokenizing BTC on the Ethereum blockchain. It is currently live with over 1300 tBTC in circulation. …

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  • Participated in SUSHI Governance
  • Supplied/Borrowed wBTC on Compound
  • MetaCartel DAO Members
  • Deposited/Borrowed wBTC on Aave
  • Participated in Yearn.Finance Governance
  • Participated in Yam Governance
  • Minted wBTC
  • Minted renBTC
  • Minted sBTC
  • The LAO Members
  • Deposited in sBTC and renBTC pools on
  • Participated in 1Hive Governance
  • Provided liquidity for wBTC/ETH pool on Balancer
  • Supplied/Borrowed wBTC on Maker
  • Donated to Gitcoin
  • Provided liquidity for wBTC/ETH pool on Uniswap
  • Member of dORG DAO
  • Minted tBTC
  • Participated in Harvest.Finance Governance

Badger DAO is meant to be a community where all the best builders in the space can come together and build products to help accelerate BTC in DeFi. …

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Daily announcements are becoming a regular thing at Badger DAO. You don’t need to hear it again from us, but Bitcoin is surging in adoption these past couple of weeks. This brings an ever-burning necessity for DeFi to band together and usher the leading digital store of value to its burgeoning suite of innovations.

🍄 Enter Enoki 🍄

Enoki, by definition, are thin mushrooms which decompose logs in the forest. They grow, perpetuate, and thrive in various environmental conditions. Enoki DeFi club has built some of the most unique smart contract based mechanics we’ve seen in any project. Leveraging yield farming, NFT’s and liquidity incentives all in one engaging game. Enoki will inoculate DeFi with a new wave of extended-play players, investors and developers. …

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A good meal is balanced with a side of pickle. Badgers have diverse diets, and there’s nothing like a rich, probiotic vegetable to go with a dish full of yield.The Badger DAO has been observing many of the DAO cultures that have been truly innovating within DeFi. Pickle Finance has been one of the coolest communities by far, and with a very unique value proposition.

🥒 Enter Pickle 🥒

Pickle Finance is a project which initially launched with the goal of bringing stablecoins closer to their pegs. Recently, the Pickle Finance has expanded beyond that initial stablecoin vision and has “dipped” into the tokenized Bitcoin yield space with pJars, a perfect opportunity to collaborate with Badger. …

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Badgers are nocturnal- which explains why the Badger DAO has been working day and night to grow its numbers of participants and fellow builders. We’re excited to welcome MEME to the Badger DAO and our special NFT collaboration called the Honey Badger Pot.

Enter MEME

Meme is an experimental protocol merging DeFi’s best creations with crypto collectibles. Beginning as a Twitter joke from Jordan Lyall, MEME became an unstoppable cultural force in DeFi and the crypto community. By utilizing $MEME, you can farm exclusive NFTs and use your LP tokens for access to MEME’s batch of legendary cards. …

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We believe that community involvement doesn’t start after launch but instead needs to start well before launch. Especially with Badger DAO. It’s not a company, business or legal entity, it’s a community that manages a variety of software products that run on blockchains. How could it be community-owned if only the ones who kickstarted Badger made all the important decisions (concerning governance, launch, token economics, and products) instead of the future Badger builders? It wouldn’t make sense.

That’s why we are launching the Badger “Early Contributor Program”. Let’s MORPH this plan into exactly what the community wants!

What is the Early Contributor Program

The Badger early contributor program is an initiative to reward community members willing to help the founding team run the operations and make important decisions pre-launch…

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After many months learning from the market and trying to adjust to its rapid speed, the Badger team has decided to release v1 of our liquidity mining launch details.

We call it V1 because it’s critical to get guidance and insight from the community around how it should be structured.

So the goal is to outline what we believe to be the best structure for the liquidity mining launch and then adjust accordingly based on your feedback. Badger DAO is more yours then it is the ops team so you should be involved in all of the major decisions pre-launch.

Important to note, there is no capital raise or sale whatsoever, everything to date has been funded personally by the founding team including development, branding, audits, marketing etc. …

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The Badger DAO continues to propagate its collective of web3 builders as it nears the launch of the Badger token. The Badger DAO means it when it says that all organizations and individuals of all skillsets and backgrounds are welcome to become Badger builders and take part in what will be the most forward-thinking enhancement to the Ethereum and Bitcoin ecosystems. Part of this is aligning with some of the top innovative yield farming applications out there. That’s why we are excited for Harvest Finance to join the Badger DAO.

Enter Harvest Finance

Harvest finance is one of the preeminent DeFi protocols with over $1B in TVL. It is an amazing tool that helps farmers of all shapes and sizes get automatic exposure to the highest yield available across select decentralized finance protocols. It does so by deploying strategies to move assets between different yield farming opportunities to maximize yield. Participation in Harvest fosters your APY tracking, development of automated strategies and auditing, and results in gas-efficient yield farming. …


Badger DAO 🦡

DAO dedicated to building products to bring BTC to DeFi.

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