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Let’s face it Badgers… we’re all super excited about Digg. IT IS NOW LIVE!
We’ve been asking ‘wen’ for so long it seems, but the time has come to familiarize ourselves with the ‘what’ and ‘how’.

What is this Digg token that has been airdropped to my wallet and how can I use it to my benefit?

Digg Facts

  • Token Address: 0x798d1be841a82a273720ce31c822c61a67a601c3
  • Total Supply: 4000
  • Circulating Supply: 600
  • Total DIGG Rewards Week 1: 171 DIGG
  • Rebase Period: Every 24 Hours (3pm EST) First Rebase Jan. 23rd
  • bDIGG Address: 0x7e7E112A68d8D2E221E11047a72fFC1065c38e1a


· 40% Badger DAO Treasury

· 40% Liquidity Mining (over 22 weeks)

· 5% Founding Team (vested over 1…

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Badger Finance

It is almost time ⏰

Time for the Badgers to build and release products that excel in a Bitcoin-dominated bull market! At the end of 2020, the #1 cryptocurrency has broken its all-time-high and is just starting its upward trend. As adoption of Bitcoin grows, so will the demand for financial instruments revolving around it.

In a similar light, it is the farming and liquidity mining protocols leveraging Bitcoin (BTC) and wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) that are giving the cryptocurrency increased flexibility. Flexibility in leveraging your Bitcoin for liquidity, with protocols like Compound, or in earning enhanced rewards.

In the latter case, BadgerDAO is proudly releasing an elastic BTC-pegged token soon, $DIGG, and launching 3 new Setts or vaults dedicated to the token. To learn more about DIGG, including the specifications of our launch, the new $DIGG farming Setts, token functionality and utility, read on. …

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🚨 Attention BADGER Community🚨

With the upcoming launch of $DIGG token, we are excited to announce our first ever meme contest! To sweeten the pot we are throwing over 200 BADGER for your dankest memes with a little bonus for the community favorite. We know with some incentives like this, our meme masters will not fail to impress. So take a break from asking “wen DIGG” and get busy memeing it!

🏆 What’s at stake here? (Get it? “stake”)

🥇1st Place: 75 BADGER

🥈2nd Place: 50 BADGER

🥉3rd Place: 25 BADGER

🏅4th and 5th Place: 15 BADGER

🏅6–10th Place: 5 BADGER

🦡Contest Rules🦡

First and foremost, everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in the fun, badgers do not discriminate! To participate, simply tweet your submission using the hashtags #WenDIGG and tag @BadgerDAO, we’ll take it from there. …

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Badger App v2 is here, and the time has come for eager Badgers to learn how to use it! Badger App v2 gives a tremendous visual improvement to the protocol while also improving performance and ease of use.

Why v2?

The goal of Badger App v2 wasn’t just to build upon the aesthetics of the protocol, but also to improve speed and simplicity of use. Through core infrastructure updates, the performance of the protocol is faster and more consistent. Additionally, many functions are easier to perform and the interface is more visually intuitive. …

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It’s bug bounty time!

Hello, Badgers

Today the Badger DAO goes live on the Immunefi bug bounty platform with one of, if not the largest bug bounty in crypto to date: up to $500,000.

This bug bounty is the first of its kind in the space and represents an important milestone. The Badger DAO is moving to set a new standard for security in the DeFi space.

The route to good security is making sure that the size of bug bounties is reasonably proportionate to the Total Value Locked (TVL) of contracts. This makes serious hack events much less likely, since it lets security researchers know that if they find critical bugs that could destroy the entire project, they’ll be well-rewarded for responsibly disclosing the vulnerability. It also encourages potentially malicious actors to engage in responsible disclosure as well, since they have the opportunity to gain good reputation in the community, in addition to a very generous, fully legal reward for their efforts. …

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Badgers build with their hands. Sushi is meant to be eaten with the hands. Badgers love sushi. So much so, that they have teamed up with SushiSwap to spread Bitcoin DeFi across both communities. As a result, Badgers will be accumulating governance tokens from both DAOs.

The Badger DAO has launch 2 new Sett vaults where you can earn $Badger and $Sushi:


Badger/wBTC SLP

We believe in the long term viability of Sushi which is why we stake it to receive protocol fees from Sushiswap rather than sell it for the underlying collateral. …

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Hello Badgers

We’re excited to announce that we will be airdropping $Badger to all donors of the Gitcoin grant round 8 which end December 17th 2020.

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Badger Finance

The honey badger will seek out and relentlessly attack bee hives, welcoming hundreds of bee stings while they gorge on honey.

Well, dear reader, it’s time to gorge on yield.

That’s right. After all of these announcements, partnerships, governance discussions, and all the important feedback you have been giving us, it is time to launch our Setts along with the Badger liquidity mining program.

A Sett is a tokenized bitcoin vault, in the vein of Yearn Finance, where you can deposit assets and we’ll execute automated strategies across DeFi protocols to produce yield.

During the next 8 week liquidity mining event, users of our Sett vaults will also earn our governance token $BADGER on top of the yield our strategies produce. …

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The long wait is over!

With the launch of our Sett Vault app and liquidity mining event tomorrow, you will be able to claim $BADGER if you qualify for our retroactive airdrop.

What is the Badger Airdrop?

Badger DAO is meant to be a community where all the best builders in the space can come together and build products to help accelerate BTC in DeFi. To do that we need community members that share in our values;

  1. Support public goods
  2. BTC as collateral for financial services
  3. Decentralized governance

Badger DAO will be rewarding ideal community members based on retroactive actions they’ve taken across protocols and platforms.

At launch of the $BADGER governance token tomorrow, we’ll be airdropping 10% of the $BADGER supply to wallets from users across 19 different communities, protocols and initiatives. These are specific actions that those wallets have taken and the amount of their rewarded $BADGER is proportionate to the size of the action. …

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Our goal with Badger DAO is to create the most developer friendly environment possible where they can build the products they want, have the appropriate incentives to do so and maintain shared ownership. All while focused on accelerating Bitcoin in DeFi.

Important to note, we are long term believers and supporters of and consider them to be the benchmark in the industry of creating a real product of value and fostering an amazing community. This is what we are aspiring to be and building our practices from.

Unfortunately today, although developers are the life blood of our industry, investors tend to reap the most rewards. We need to change that. With Badger being a collective of contributors there are unique opportunities within our structure to more heavily reward builders that CREATE VALUE for the DAO. Part of those rewards are the DAO’s governance token, $BADGER, giving ownership to those same builders and creating a cohesive circle. …


Badger DAO 🦡

DAO dedicated to building products to bring BTC to DeFi.

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